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Announcing Trial by Teng, the latest made-for-VR puzzle adventure by Charm Games! Combining our award-winning surreal and beautiful visual style with a delightfully offbeat vision of the afterlife.


Trapped in the Realm of the Dead and separated from your travelling companions, earn your way back to the land of Twilight by restoring your karma. Solve ancient and mythical puzzles. Seek help from an eccentric cast of supernatural characters. Rescue your friends, open the Hellgate, and escape!


Solve ancient puzzles. Meet supernatural creatures and playful spirits. Explore a mysterious and magical underworld.

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About Charm Games

Charm Games is a leading game developer in Vancouver, BC, founded in 2015, by Alan Jernigan and Derek Young. We specialize in creating standout virtual reality experiences. Our success is driven by our people, and their commitment to create compelling, immersive and accessible virtual reality experiences for all audiences. This is evident in the success of our first title, FORM, a VR puzzle game. We are committed to researching cutting edge visual, audio and storytelling techniques, to fully immerse our players in unique virtual environments.

Who We Are

Alan Jernigan
Alan Jernigan – Co-Founder and Managing Director
Derek Young
Derek Young – Co-Founder and Creative Director
Cory Hawthorne
Cory Hawthorne – Audio Director
Dinos Tsiknis
Dinos Tsiknis – Technical Director
Will Phillips
Will Phillips – 3D Designer
Tim Mann
Tim Mann – Senior Software Engineer – Gameplay
Shervin Mortazavi – Junior Software Engineer

Media Kit

Media Kit


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